Shapes for Slabs

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Topec® SH

Form for Laje Topec ® SH Composed by aluminium panels lined with 10mm plasticized plywood, the form for slab Topec ® SH allows the assembly of slabs, without the need for cuts, nails and splices. The system consists of two basic parts – panel and strut, assembled without the need …

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O Cimbramento is the indicated solution for slabs that have many cuttings and pitches. The slabs can be mounted on Modex® SH struts and load towers and LTT load towers. >h2> Slab C-Metallic Profile With various heights and resistances, it is indicated for cimbramento primary and secondary. The C-05 and …

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SH® Sliding Table

Sh® Sliding Table – Large Slabs A Sliding Table is the ideal equipment for the execution of larger slabs, mainly intended, in short periods of time. The sliding table is a slab formwork that rests on the pillars already completed. This way, conventional shoring is minimal. In some cases, no …

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