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SH solutions at Bracell’s pulp mill expansion project in São Paulo

1 de February de 2021

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The Start Project represents the expansion of the pulp mill of the Bracell, one of the largest producers of soluble and specialty pulp in the world, increasing its current production capacity from 250 thousand tons per year to over 1.25 million tons per year of soluble pulp, becoming the largest in Brazil. Located in Lençois Paulista, São Paulo, this is a project of CESBE SA Engineering and Enterprises, and counts on solutions of forms, andaimes e escorn da SH.

Fellipe Saraiva, Technical Expert of SH São Paulo Unit.

This work was used Modex® SH scaffolding, TLT Load Towers and TLT Load Towers Extra and Concreform SH® standards. The peak work, which was in October of that year (2020), included 522 tonnes of SH equipment on site. Concreform SH® Forms on pylons and beams, LT load sheaves and LT load sheaves Extra for shoring beams and slabs, and Modex® SH® for access to structures.

The expertise of SH with industrial works was fundamental for the elaboration of the project and for the monitoring of the execution in the field, besides the range of solutions for shoring which, combined, formed the ideal solution for the making of the structure designed by the client.
Fellipe Saraiva, SH São Paulo Unit Technical Specialist.

Work began in the first months of 2020 and should be completed by the second half of 2021.

SH Infrastructure Technical Specialist: Fellipe Saraiva
Assembly Supervisor SH: Manoel Rodrigues

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