Formworks for Slabs

Benchmarking company for formwork and propping in the Brazilian market, SH supplies cutting edge equipments for building Slabs in Brazil and South America.  Formworks, Sliding Tables and Falseworks.

Topec® SH

SH Topec ® Slab Formwork: Composed of aluminum panels lined with plasticized plywood of 10mm, the SH Topec ® Slab Formwork allows the assembly of slabs, without the need for cutting, nailing, and splicing. The system formed by two basic pieces – panel and struts, assembled without using special tools – does …

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The Scaffolding is a suitable solution for slabs that have many cutouts and trims. The scaffolding can be mounted on Modex® SH and LTT struts and load towers. Scaffolding for Slabs – Metal C-Beam Com variadas alturas e resistências, é indicado para cimbramento primário e secundário. Sendo os perfis C-05 …

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SH® Sliding Table

SH® Sliding Table – Large Roof Slabs: The Sliding Table is a suitable equipment for construction of large roof slabs, especially prestressed slabs, in a short lead time. The sliding table is a slab formwork that rests on the already concreted columns. In this way, conventional shoring is minimal. In some cases, no additional propping …

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