Metal Proppings

SH provides formwork systems, scaffolding, and metal propping for rental, and provides several metal propping solutions: Steel struts, Load Towers, Successive Cantilever System and Trusses.

Successive Cantilever

SH Successive Cantilever: Solution for the execution of bridges using the cantilever system. With experience in the execution of state of art works, especially bridges, SH offers not only proper equipment, but also support to execute these works. Method: Successive overhang, or progressive overhang, is the increasingly prevalent method for …

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LTT Load Tower

LTT Load Tower: Simple, the LTT loading tower allows the assembly of towers with modulations of 0.75 X 1.25m to 1.00 X 2.50m for loads of up to 12 tons at any height. Permissible Load: Each tower pole can support up to 3 tons. Application: Industrial, commercial, residential, bridges, and …

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SH® Metal Struts

SH Metal Struts: The easy assembling of SH metal struts and the lower density for propping due to the high compressive load capacity (up to 25kN), significantly reduces labor, and eliminates wooden struts for propping. Hünnebeck® Extra Metal Strut, Hünnebeck® Standard Metal Strut and SH Metal Strut Plus They are robust and …

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SH Lumisystem Metal Propping

SH Lumisystem Metal Propping: Made of aluminum, it is a light and easy to assemble system, with wedge locking in the frame that dispenses with additional tools, and the possibility of using the frames in the four directions of the pole, to put the towers together. Permissible Load: Each pole …

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LTT Extra Load Tower

LTT Extra Load Tower: The LTT Extra Load Tower was developed to meet the growing demand for infrastructure works in the country. The equipment has Ø60.3mm galvanized pipes and supports loads over six tons per pole, with modulations of 1.00 x 1.00m or 1.00 x 0.75m, thus allowing a high …

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