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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

ESG stands for “Environmental, Social and Governance” and was created in 2004 by the UN. These strategies are adopted by companies that value the positive impact of these combined practices in Brazil and worldwide.

Compartilhar Institute

SH is a partnership with Compartilhar Institute, a non-profit institution that teaches values and transforms lives through sport, operating in public schools, working with children and adolescents aged 9 to 15 years.

The Institute has the support of public partners, who provide physical education teachers and spaces for classes, and private partners, such as SH, who guarantee the financial sustainability of all our actions.

The goal of Compartilhar Institute is to train people who are more active and healthy, able to make conscious and responsible decisions, more participative in society and tolerant, in addition to the benefits generated in schools and in the students’ home environment.

Rio de Janeiro Youth Symphony Orchestra

The Youth Symphony Orchestra of Rio de Janeiro (OSJRJ), a result of the Social Action for Music in Brazil (ASMB) program, from which it is inseparable, is made up of 55 young people of great talent and dedication aged between 15 and 24 years old and, in the vast majority, residents of socioeconomically disadvantaged communities in Rio de Janeiro.

With the aim of improving orchestral practice and leading young musicians to university and professional training, the Orquestra Sinfônica Jovem do Rio de Janeiro provides social inclusion, democratization of access to classical music and citizenship.

Stella Demarco Institute

SH is a partner of the Stella Demarco Institute, aimed at promoting awareness and mobilization against childhood cancer, impacting the lives of thousands of children through the SH Laboratory, which conducts research with the aim of helping in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Santa Fe Benevolent Association

SH is also proud to support Associação Beneficente Santa Fé, whose mission is to shelter boys and girls, victims of mistreatment, abandonment, sexual violence, many of whom have lived on the streets of São Paulo. The multidisciplinary service also extends to their families.


SH is committed to the practice of a high standard of corporate governance and encourages a culture that values ethical behavior, integrity and respect at all organizational levels, as well as with all internal and external interlocutors.

Operating to these high standards is essential for long-term sustainable performance and value creation. The organizational values, the code of ethics, as well as the internal policies, define the management practices and behavior expected by all agents who in some way have a relationship with SH, ensuring that we have an administration committed to the good management of the resources applied for building a prosperous society.


SH has been committed to sustainability since its foundation! All our materials are made of steel and aluminum, made for rental and reuse, replacing the wooden molds, which are taken directly from the Brazilian forest and can only be used 4 times, before being discarded for use as firewood. In addition, we continue to develop new systems and services that provide savings and agility for our customers.

A new sustainable development agreement was signed at the UN in 2015, valid for the following 15 years. The 2030 Agenda is made up of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is a joint effort between nations, institutions and society to ensure a better future for the planet.

Among the goals are the development of innovative and sustainable industries and cities, as well as more responsible consumption and production. And SH plays its part in creating more sustainable construction and consumption models.

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