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SH is constantly seeking new ways to contribute with professionals and entities in the construction industry.


Prestressed Flat Slab: Productivity and Flexibility in Civil Construction

Learn more about technologies and solutions for Prestressed Flat Slabs, how non-adherent prestressing reduces costs and improves the characteristics of buildings.


Making Project Management Uncomplicated

All the tips and recommendations for a complete Works Management with important procedures to achieve high performance.

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Conventional X Shoring and Topec SH Shoring – Safety in reinforced concrete buildings.

Stay on top of the best practices for shoring, reshoring and residual shoring in reinforced concrete building projects with MasterClass SH.


Self-compacting concrete: Applicability and usability in the face of new technologies

In this MasterClass SH, we talk about the properties of self-compacting concrete, its uses and advantages, such as better filling of structural parts and reduction of stripping time, in addition to not requiring vibration.


Sustainability in Civil Construction

Learn more about the proper management of waste from a construction site, how to meet all legal and regulatory requirements and even make the theme a differentiator for your construction company!


BIM secrets in the execution of structures.

In this MasterClass SH you will learn everything about the use of BIM and the impacts of this technology on the quality of the project and on the optimization of resources and costs, through real cases from Sinco Engenharia and Soulbim.


Demystifying Concrete Walls

Want to know more about the Concrete Wall Constructive System? Let’s cover this solution in detail in MasterClass SH!


Concrete Wall Standard: What is coming next?

This webinar presents the NBR 16055 Concrete Wall Standard in an objective form, its reviews and what’s coming next, to prepare professionals for tomorrow’s market.


Digital Civil Construction

Everything you need to know to not getting behind in the Digital Civil Construction market, with valuable insights on technologies and innovation at construction sites.


Concrete Wall in Tall Towers

See an overview of civil construction in the world, its industrialization in Brazil and details of the functioning of the formwork system for concrete walls applied in towers with many floors.


Demystifying Prestressed Flat Slabs

Learn more about the effects of cable layout, the optimization of prestressed slab design, equipments and solutions, with the practical vision of engineers in their day-to-day work.

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