Scaffolding and Access Equipment

Leading company in the rental and sale of scaffolding, access equipment for civil construction throughout Brazil.


Tubular Ladder, Modular Ladder and Bodyguard for Works The SH ladders offer security for access in different types of works. A Tubular ladder, Modular ladder and the Strong> are the ideal solutions for infrastructure projects, industrial and commercial works. D – 325 Modular Ladder Key benefits of the system: – …

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Facade Scaffolding ®SH

The Facade Scaffolding ® SH is ideal for facade services, it allows the free passage of workers through the platforms. It has a guardrail over the entire length and an access ladder for the various platform levels, positioned every 2 meters, and sized for a load of 200 kg/m2. The …

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Facade Scaffolding SH 105

Facade 105 SH® The Facade Scaffold 105 SH ® is formed by frames, metal floor with 100cm width, locks for the frames and floor, trapdoor with ladder, and all necessary accessories for a complete assembly (guardrail, skirting board). The Facade Scaffolding fully complies with Regulatory Standard 18 – NR18, on …

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Modex® SH Scaffolding

Modex® SH scaffold Due to its characteristics, the Modex® Scaffold can overcome any challenge of height and modulation, with extraordinary speed of assembly. Composed of towers with beams and diagonals joined by rosettes and modulation every 50cm, the Modex® Scaffold can be assembled in any dimension and two beams fixed …

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Tube Equipped SH

Tubo Equipado SH O Tubo Equipado SH, pode ser utilizado tanto na montagem de andaimes de acesso como no escoramento especial em balanço. A combinação Tubos e Braçadeiras SH pode ser utilizada em qualquer situação. Desde a mais simples, como a montagem de andaimes de acesso, até a mais difícil, como o escoramento …

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