Scaffolding and Access Equipment

With the widest distribution in Brazil and presence in Latin America, SH provides the rental of scaffolding and access equipment: Front Scaffolding, Modex Scaffolding, Stairs, Pipes and Clamps. 


Tubular Ladder, Modular Ladder and Guardrail Frames for Construction Sites: The SH Ladders provide safe access on different types of construction sites. The Tubular ladder, Modular ladder and Guardrail  are the best suited solutions for infrastructure, industrial, and commercial construction projects. Tubular Ladder and Guardrail: Modex Modular Ladder: Modular Ladder …

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Facade Scaffolding®SH

Facade Scaffolding ® SH: The Facade Scaffolding ® SH is suitable for facade services, allowing workers to pass freely through the platforms. It has a guardrail in all its extension and an access ladder for various platform levels, positioned every 2 meters, and designed for a load of 200 kg/m2. The …

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Facade Scaffolding 105 SH®

Facade Scaffolding 105 SH®: The Facade Scaffolding 105 SH ® consists of frames, a 100cm wide metallic floor, locks for the frames and floor, a trapdoor with a ladder, and all the accessories needed for a complete assembly (railing, skirting). The Facade Scaffolding fully meets the Regulatory Standard 18 – NR18, on Work Conditions …

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SH Modex® Scaffolding

SH Modex® Scaffolding: Due to its features, the Modex® Scaffolding  SH is able to overcome any height and modulation challenge, with extraordinary quick assembly. Comprising towers with cross members and diagonal beams joined by rosettes and modulation in every 50cm, the Modex ® Scaffolding SH can be mounted in any dimension and two crossbars …

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SH Equipped Tube

SH Equipped Tube: SH Equipped Tube, can be used both in the assembly of access scaffolding and in special cantilever propping. The combination of SH Tubes and Clamps can be used for any purpose. From the simplest, such as the erection of access scaffolding, to the most difficult, such as special cantilever …

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