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6 advantages of using concrete walls in your work

Deciding on a solution for your project, with so many different options available, can be quite a challenge. It is extremely important to know the advantages of each constructive system to make the safest decision and guarantee the best result of your work.

Thinking about making your choice easier, we made a list of some of the main significant advantages of using concrete walls in your work.

Reduction in execution time

Serving works that require a short delivery time, the concrete wall system has forms that greatly speed up the construction process, with reduced curing time compared to other systems.

constructive quality

Ensuring a work with a perfect finish, the panels have no rivets, splices or marks on the face that contacts the concrete.

resistance to aggression

Concrete is highly resistant to chemical and physical processes, including fire, so it has a great durability.


Concrete walls are multifunctional because they are customized, including projects of different shapes and sizes, such as industries, residential buildings and so on.

Savings and optimization of labor

It reduces waste, volume of waste in the works and with the agility in construction, the cost of the work is reduced. It contributes to reducing the number of workers at the construction site, the system reduces artisanal activities and improvisations.


In addition to aluminum being a recyclable input, another advantage is the elimination of wood on site.

SH has two formwork systems for concrete walls, Lumiform SH® and Lumiform 2.0 SH®, consisting of panels made of aluminum profiles. In addition to being durable and lightweight, the panels do not have rivets, splices or marks on the face that makes contact with the concrete, which guarantees a perfect finish when placing the concrete. It can be applied to the most varied types of projects, such as the construction of houses, townhouses and buildings, with quality and significant productivity gains.

In order for you to get to know the construction system better and understand all the gains involved, we have developed a free simulator that helps you compare the costs of each system to choose the most suitable one for your work.

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