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SH support overcoming the tide of the Poxim River in the extension of the bridge in Sergipe

Hired by PROCEC Engenharia, SH Formas, Scaffolding and Shoring – a leader in providing solutions for structures and access – is supporting the expansion of the Poxim River bridge, an important infrastructure project in Aracaju, Sergipe, the main source of water supply from the city.

With extra challenges due to climate interference in the region, impacting from the first steps of the work, it was necessary to wait for the lowest tide to build the support blocks, which required constant monitoring of low tide times, especially at the beginning of activities, so that the execution was stopped at the correct times, leaving part of the materials submerged for a few moments of the day.

For the requested support, different solutions in metallic shoring were mobilized, with LTT EXTRA SH load towers, supporting SH Trusses, and we worked with suspended bars and C Profiles to shore up the beams, transverses and slabs. Consoles were also applied to the piles to support the W310 and W200 profiles of the shoring floor.

The peak of the work will have 450 tons of equipment, with approximately 1000 linear meters of trusses to overcome the 4 spans in simultaneous executions, demanding ample logistical support that involved the mobilization of equipment from other units in Brazil, in order to guarantee that deliveries were carried out safely and within the customer’s deadline.

  • Peak Equipment: 450 Tons
  • Number of Carts: 35
  • SH units involved: Bahia, Pará, Ceará, Rio Grande do Sul and Pernambuco

SH’s project sector remains in frequent contact with Procec’s engineering to support all processes, clarifying doubts and making the necessary adjustments possible in each change in the work.

Team SH Involved in this work: Alan Barbosa Contract Supervisor, Edson Martins da Silva Technical Assistant, both from our Bahia unit, Carolina Amparo Project Supervisor, Lislaine Silva Operations Supervisor, both from our Bahia unit.

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