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SH offers training for projects by Construtora Brasal

SH is providing solutions in Formwork, Scaffolding and Shoring for works by Construtora Brasal, one of SH’s main partners nationwide. In the last 12 months, SH supplied equipment for 6 simultaneous works by the construction company. Among the most recent works are the Mykonos, Planalto and Elevare Reserves.

In order to help with the performance and quality of the constructions, the SH Brasília unit team carried out a training course with the employees of the INC 15 – Elevare Reserve and INC 08 – Gran Monumental works, addressing topics on organization and storage of leased equipment , preventing equipment loss, reducing expenses with indemnification, palletizing equipment and reducing the cost of return shipping.

Brasal’s civil engineer, Romario Douglas Novaes dos Santos, spoke a little about this partnership:

“I would like to thank SH for making available the collaborator Bruno Matos to present the Special DSS. His participation was very good, very transparent and conveyed a lot of responsibility in what was presented. Here, I would like to congratulate the employee and also SH Formas for this initiative to show its clients and employees on site the company’s challenges.”

Gilber Junior, Supervisor of contracts in the commercial area of our Brasília unit, gave his statement about the training:

“It was an incredible experience, we were very well received by the teams! Bruno Matos developed the themes very well and we had a great participation from everyone. One of the works that the presentation was carried out, the client had closed with one of our competitors, during the presentation of one of the themes, some employees complained a lot about the quality of the equipment that was sent to the work and that did not have the quality of the SH. In the end, Eng. Leticia regretted that we had not provided for her work and that she would very much like to be working with SH. In general, we are very close to people who get their hands dirty and know the difference between quality equipment and good service.”

Bruno Matos, Operations Supervisor at our Brasília unit, spoke about the experience of partnering with Brasal:

“It was a unique experience, literally. We visited the 3 construction sites with the aim of encouraging our partners to adopt the best storage practices, organization and prevention of loss and damage to leased equipment from the most varied segments inserted in their daily lives. Interaction with employees was able to reaffirm our availability to support our clients in all stages of the contract, from the conception of the proposal to the closing. I am grateful for the opportunity to bring the SH universe to the interior of BRASAL.”

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